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How To Know Your Child Is Affected By Autism

A child with disabilities affects both personally and emotionally. Hiding the abnormalities costs more when it progresses. Occupational Therapy can help your child to overcome their struggles.

Every person has to be occupied with work and activities.

Be it an infant, kid, youth, adult and elderly, we have to do some activities at each stage of life and age group. It is quite necessary to become a proper and complete human being.

Missing out on any of your activities might weaken you. Fell and rise is the untold universal statement on making a progression.

Any sort of soft skills and hard skills that people incorporate into their life, childhood is the starting point to it.

Autism By Birth

Developmental disabilities are common and are mostly observed by birth. The deficiencies in the physical health condition can be identified during the growth stages of the unborn child in the womb.

But in the case of mental growth, it can’t be identified as like other deficiencies. The identification of disabilities starts from Day One after the infant’s birth. The child has to do certain activities at a certain age.

As a parent, you may think about what your kid is going to miss out on if he/she didn’t crawl and walk.

A Kind Attention To Parents

Dear parent, it is very important for your child to crawl, walk, talk and much more activities. The reason is that these skills aid your child to develop their fine motor skills, sensory skills, social interaction, and gross motor skills.

These skills lie as the basis for the progressive growth and development of an individual.

Your Child And Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapists are professionals who are certified to train and assist an autistic child. The OT specialists are trained practitioners who give various aspects of training to the child having disabilities. They plan the sessions in accordance with the disability a child is undergoing.

An Autistic Child

An autistic child is a child missing normal growth and development. The autistic child definitely needs special attention.

ASD Child finds it very difficult to look after their daily living activities. Generally, at the age of 3 to 4 years, the child shows great interest in brushing their teeth and other activities by themselves.

Laziness and ignorance don’t sound the same meaning. It greatly varies.

At some point, a child tends to be lazy, but he/she somehow manages to initiate and complete the task. But when it comes to ignorance, the child completely shows no interest and never initiates the activity.

This is greatly due to the disability of the child to do an activity. Ignorance and No interests towards their daily living activities are the common signs of autism.

Overcoming Disabilities

For any autistic condition, disability is temporary. Your child can overcome their struggles from ASD. Occupational therapy helps in the progressive slowdown of abnormalities.

Your ASD Child can play and function like a normal child. But, it does take some time to overcome autism.

The time involved in the session solely depends on the child’s ability. Practitioners in occupational therapy plan tailored episodes based on the autism evaluation test.

The special care aids the autistic child to strengthen their skillset to fight autism.

Identification Of Autism

In the age group between 1 to 2 years old, the child has to crawl. And, between the age group of 2 to 3 years old, the child has to walk on their own.

Developing the ability to crawl or walk by an ASD child takes significantly greater time compared to other children.

If you know your child is taking a very extra time, please consult an occupational therapist to slow down the progression.

Shows Hate Towards Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills talk about the activities involving the incorporation of physical strength. Lifting objects, and toys, and throwing them away will be the most loved activity of a normal child.

Moving an object with the help of hands needs muscle strength to make that mischievous activity happen. Also, fine motor skills talk about the most important skill “writing”. This activity greatly involves the holistic movement of the hand, fingers and cognition.

When your school-going child is finding it hard to handle the writing utensils with a firm grip and often slips them, your child needs attention.

They are lacking in fine motor skills and hence he/she might suffer from autism.

Your Child Feels Gross With Gross Motor Skills

A steady walk, jog, and hop are the signs of autism. The ASD child makes an unsteady walk and at the same time, they fall.

Some people think this is due to bone deficiency. But, it is a sign of autism. Generally, ASD Children tend to fall, due to the imbalance when they walk or run. This sign is observed in school-going children.

If you still consulting a general practitioner, please consult an occupational therapist.

The Bottom Line

In the end, every parent wishes their child to be as normal as everyone else in this world. It definitely going to hurt and painful to speak out about their autistic child in a public forum. Buds to Blossom is here to help every parent and assist their ASD Child to beat autism. For more information, please visit Buds to Blossom