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Why Intellectually Disabled Child Needs Speech Therapy

Intellectual Disability is a phrase that heavily strikes the minds of a parent. Disability drives the thought process of pessimistic. The empathy and pity mixed up in the emotions of a parent.

Intellectual Disability can be overcome with the aid of speech therapists.

Hearing and speaking skills are interconnected. First, you hear and then you speak. Deaf and dumb child may be due to so many reasons.
Mental Retardation is one of the many reasons a person must pay attention to. The medication and treatment for the disability due to deaf and dumb are different.

The influence of intellectual disability is observed by birth. Newborns tend to have no control over their babblings and sounds.

Babies love to give sounds. Like crawling and walking, the child must try to speak at a certain age. The abnormal growth results in speech delay. Speech therapy or SLP assist the child to speak clearly.

Diagnosis of ID

Intellectual Disability can be identified when the child is formed in the womb. But the diagnosis and curing of mental retardation are impossible when the child is in the womb.

The health of the brain growth plays a significant role in the child’s growth. The difference between a normal and an abnormal child is determined by brain formation.

Intellectual Disability influences the development stages of a child in their growth.

Intellectual Disability and Delayed Learning

A normal child tries to speak the first few words such as mama, papa, dada, and thatha. The ID child finds it difficult to speak the words. Say a child takes a minimum of 2 to 3 years to talk a few words of simple syllables.

But in the case of an intellectually disabled child, he/she takes nearly 5 years to speak simple words. The assumption of people makes it even worse of the identification of a child who desperately needs special attention.

The assumption will be referring to their family history. The changes in habits, culture and foods have highly impacted the growth of a child. Hence, the interlinks between family history and the current rise in the development of intellectually disabled children are broken.

As a parent, you need to pay attention to every move made by your child.

The pain and the treatment

There are hard times when you feel low and depressed. The pain of knowing about your intellectually disabled child is unbearable. At the present, the advancement of diagnostic techniques helped to identify whether the child will have normal growth.

But, at times, the prediction may end up in mystery. When the possibilities of abnormality are more than the sole reason, it is tough to come to a decision on whether the treatment for labour to be continued or discontinued.

Thus, the treatment for abnormality or deficiency can be decided as soon as the child landed on earth. The first few years are the prime time to ensure the child has normal growth.

Intellectual Disability Affects the Speaking Skills

Adding to medication, speech therapy aids to overcome intellectual disabilities. Speaking skills are the first skillset to get affected by Intellectual Disability. Consulting a paediatrician is common when a child is not responding to the voice and commands. 

What if a child responds to your voice, but couldn’t talk further? This is a major sign of mental retardation. The child is not dumb, the development is delayed.

Yes, the child will speak after a few years from the defined age. The voice, tone, and words the child speaks are unclear.

Also, there is no guarantee an ID child will talk like every child in the coming future.

Importance of Speech therapy

Speech therapy highly influences the growth of an Intellectually Disabled child. The child taking sessions on speech therapy shows great improvement. The progression of speaking skill development is gradual, yet effective.

The therapist aids and trains the ASD child on how to follow commands. Speech therapy is an evidence-proven technique to recommend for a child suffering from mental retardation.

Therapists help how to pronounce a word, speak with a clear tone, express their feelings through words, understand what other people are saying, process their commands and respond, learn new words, and much more.

Speech therapists help in speeding up the growth progression. The time put into the therapy session can not be determined and it can not be restricted.

The Bottom Line

Speech therapy is the best choice for you to help your child to beat Intellectual Disability. During the ongoing speech therapy sessions, it is hard to be patient. Have trust, believe in the process, and be optimistic your child will speak like every other kid in this universe. If you’re the parent of an Intellectually Disabled child, it is highly recommended to consult a speech therapist near your town. Buds to Blossom, a speech therapy clinic, offers the best therapy, exclusively planned for mentally retarded children. For more information, please visit Buds to Blossom